Game Description:

The purpose of Chatt-Cycle is to raise awareness about Chattanooga’s transformation from one of the most polluted cities in the United States, to the 12th cleanest city in the United States. The game showcases why Chattanooga is a premier tourist destination and highlights the main attractions of Chattanooga and explains how the individual can help to keep the city clean.

The story in Chatt-Cycle follows Debbie, a tourist. In the opening scene, the tourist flies to Chattanooga for a chance to explore the city. The tourist takes photos of many of Chattanooga’s most famous attractions including the Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga Choo-Choo, Chickamauga Battlefield, and more. When the tourist reaches the famous Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge, she snaps a photo just as the bridge is destroyed by a mad man who wants to take the Coolidge Park Carousel for himself. By destroying the bridge, no one can get across the river to save the carousel. In the explosion, litter and debris are projected all over the valley. The tourist sees an ad in the local newspaper to help clean Chattanooga’s attractions and restore the bridge to save the carousel. As the player completes each level they receive a piece of the bridge and a badge. When the player wins all of the bridge pieces and the city is clean once again, the bridge is fixed and the tourist can cross and continue their vacation.

The target audience would be anyone who would like to learn about Chattanooga’s local attractions and polluted past. Through the game, the player can learn about how Chattanooga went from the most polluted city to one of the cleanest cities in the United States. Game players who enjoy quest-type games will enjoy learning how to help save Chattanooga city and rebuild the Walnut Street Bridge while keeping the city clean.

The driving question for this video game contest was:

“How can we as arcade game designers create a game that showcases the best of Chattanooga?”

Powerpoint Presentation

Introduction Animation to ChattCycle Video Game

Headline News in Chattanooga
Take a closer look at the Chattanooga Press to learn more about the villian behind the chaos in Chattanooga!
The game play that starts after introduction animation.

Spoiler video of game play.

Ending Story for ChattCycle

Successfully complete level 1 and pollution goes from 100% to 75% along with earning 1 piece of the Walnut Street Bridge.

3 more levels (not completed)

Pollution 75% to 50%, earn piece 2 of Walnut Street Bridge Pollution 50% to 25%, earn piece 3 of Walnut Street Bridge Pollution 25% to 0%, earn piece 4 of Walnut Street Bridge

Walnut Street Bridge is rebuilt and the Carousal can be saved.

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