Trojan Tribune

New 8th Block

Written by Owen Beck Graphic by Jessica Arp

New Schedules

As most of us know, SDHS has decided to add a new 8th Period to all the students’ schedules. This newly formed 8th period will be used as a “study hall” of sorts, giving students the opportunity to work on homework, incomplete assignments, and any other work they might need to complete. Our Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Williams describes it as, “The purpose is to try out a new schedule… to have conferences and meetings with students.” 

But it doesn’t just benefit the students. This added period will, “It allows us to have a longer block to have science labs that maybe weren’t completed,” Conveys Mrs. Williams. Students will have some time and not feel rushed to complete their work in class or at home. The schedule will not be all year, but SDHS is seeing this as a “trial,” and to see if it will benefit the students’ grades and performance.