Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Fussell

A quote featured in Mr. Fussell’s classroom!

This week we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Fussell! He is a new teacher that we are so happy to have here at SDHS. Read below to get to know him, and visit him in the lower freshman hall!

“I’m Derrick Fussell, and I teach State Dual Credit World History…and Contemporary Issues.”

What life lessons do you hope to teach your students?

“One for sure is that we’re all different, and that we all need to recognize that we have differences. Not just differences of opinion but differences altogether. If we can accept each other…and agree to sometimes disagree then we’ll be much better off.”

How are you adjusting to Soddy Daisy High School?

“I love Soddy! I love it here! This is fantastic. I mean, now that it’s January, it’s easy to say, but even in August I felt the same way.”

What is Contemporary Issues?

“It’s more than just discussing current events or situations surrounding such events. We’ll learn skills and tools of enquiry…using MLA, discussion, debate, research. I love it. I have a masters in humanities, so it kind of circles around that, too.” 

Thank you so much to Mr. Fussell for taking time to sit and talk with us. We are so glad we have you here at Soddy Daisy High School!