Time to Choose!

Trojan Tribune

Written by Owen Beck Graphic by Jessica Arp

Time to Look Forward

Now that we approach the fourth quarter, and soon enough the end of the year, we as students need to look toward our future. At SDHS we take pride in our classes and teachers, and some of those teachers you could choose to have for your next year here! These classes are considered electives, and there are a wide selection of them you can choose from; some of those being AP Physics, A/V Production, and our Yearbook class. These classes are some of our best here at Soddy and can give you many life skills for your future ahead.

AP Physics

One of the elective classes that SDHS offers is AP Physics, taught by Mr. Kline. This class offers college credit, which can help you graduate early! While this class requires math heavy skills, the kids get to do fun labs and projects that teach the kids hands on and teamwork skills. While in this class you will learn about all kinds of energy, rotation, and Newton’s laws. Mr. Kline stated, “I didn’t even think about all the jobs you could get,” Those being engineering, astronomy, and all kinds of medical fields. This class is a favorite for many students and will help your future as an adult.

A/V Production

Another class we offer is A/V (Audio and Visual) Production, taught by Mr. Lane. This class is one of my personal favorites and through this class, you can learn to make films, news, and many other types of media. In addition to making films, you will also learn how to edit film, as well as setting up light and sound effects. Teacher Mr. Lane says, “It gives kids a chance to work and get real world experience for doing a job.” Learning how to work in a professional environment will help our students know what it’s like to be a working adult.


 Another class SDHS offers is our Yearbook class, taught by Ms. Joiner. This class focuses on our wonderful student yearbook that every student can buy to commemorate their year. This class uses similar qualities of our Trojan Tribune where they take photos, interview, and work as a team to grow their class. Ms. Joiner states, “The class has a lot of responsibility. I’m more of an advisor to these students.” This class can give students independence and help them learn to work as a group to complete their assignments, which pay off in our wonderfully designed yearbooks every year.


These are just some of the electives Soddy has to offer, so what will you choose? Your future awaits here at Soddy Daisy High School and our teachers and fellow students are here to succeed!