Students Weekly

Students weekly is a compilation of student interviews that let us get to know our peers and hear input from our own student body!

Micah Higby

Micah is a Freshman here at SDHS. He really enjoys how chill and friendly the teachers are and the relaxed dress code. Micah loves to spend time playing the guitar. 

Riley Gravett

Riley is a Junior here at SDHS. He loves all of the opportunities that SDHS provides him. Riley is in the gifted program, and he has plans to become a lawyer.

Cole Simpson

Cole is a Junior here at SDHS. Cole says,”I like how chill some of the teachers can be; like they want you to actually enjoy school.” He loves the opportunities provided such as band, sports, and ROTC. Cole has also enjoyed the dress code we have this year. He wants people to know that gingers have souls too!

Blayne McFarland

Blayne is a Junior here at SDHS. Blayne really enjoys how the school tries to raise the students’ spirits via the school store, Wonderful Wednesdays, etc. He also wants people to know that he’s a nice guy!