Teacher Spotlight: Brad Laxton

This week we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Laxton who teaches History, Psychology, and a class of his own creation, Outdoor Leadership. We were so excited to learn more about Outdoor Leadership! 

“My name is Brad Laxton, and I teach outdoor leadership and a few other electives…”

What is leadership?

“Leadership is the title of the course…Outdoor leadership is based on experiential education… not so much the book work or understanding why…. The real focus is for kids to get their hands on things, to get outside and do things, and to experience it…We really try to focus on the doing.” 

What made you start this class?

“My own passion. The things I love to do. The idea that I could share some of those things in a school environment. It’s not necessarily a PE, but something that anyone could go outside and enjoy and hopefully pick up some lifelong interest.”

Who would enjoy the leadership class?

“I think anybody can enjoy this class. I’ve had kids that are outdoorsmen…they’ve had a really good time. I feel like I’ve been able to teach them something and learn some things from them. Then I’ve had kids that never go outside and didn’t even know what the class was. They come in and they can enjoy it too and pick up pieces of it.”

A project featured in Outdoor leadership 

Outdoor Leadership is open to juniors and seniors. Visit Laxton in the upper commons to get to know him and learn more about leadership! Thank you so much to Mr. Laxton, and we hope you have the best rest of the year.