SDHS Boys and Girls Basketball Vs. Van Buren

On Tuesday, November 12th the Men and Women of Troy basketball team played against Van Buren County High School. They were exciting games with one team scoring an amazing first win and the other suffering a loss.

The girls game ended with a score of 41-48. It was a close game, the girls were leading for most of the game, but towards the end of the game Van Buren was able to grab the win. Our Lady Trojans fought the entire time and tried to catch the win, but it was taken at the last second. They came out with a fight and did their very best. We are very proud of our Lady Trojans. 

Our Men of Troy showed out on Tuesday with a huge win. The game ended with a score of 65-48, winning their very first game. Player Sean Pangle says: “We did amazing, we won by about 20 points.” Our Trojans played their best, and the score shows that. They left feeling accomplished with a new record of 1-0.

Overall, the Trojans kicked off this basketball season in a positive and victorious way and we are looking forward to seeing them play again!

Written by Olivia Beck             Quote gathered by Jake Whitmire Photo by Gary Fain Photography