Soddy Daisy V.S Hixson volleyball

On Wednesday, September 22, our Lady Trojans traveled to Hixson to play against the Lady Wildcats. Varsity only played best 2 out of 3 and they ended up taking the win in the end. Our Lady Trojans made it a quick but painful loss for the Lady Wildcats. They played amazing and the scores prove that. After numerous comments from Hixson High School’s student body claiming that our Lady Trojans Volleyball team “sucks”. Our Lady Trojans Volleyball team, led by senior captains Addie Miller, Taylor Lloyd, Caroline Jenkins, Tillie Massengale and Zoe Bratton, crushed the Wildcats.  In the first set the Lady Trojans went on a 5 point run from 14 to 19. They ended the set with the score of 25-16. In the second set, they had another 5 point run but then they also had an 11 point run from 10 to 21 by Izabelle LaMonica. Finally, Finley Hillard finished out the second set with the score of 26-6. Both teams played great that night, but luckily our lady trojans were able to be on top. They proved to Hixson that words cannot tear our volleyball team down, but instead it motivates them to throw the other team off guard and destroy the competition. In the first picture, is senior, Taylor Lloyd and sophomore, Mason Harris going up for a double block on the right side. The picture in the middle is senior, Addie Miller setting. And the last picture is senior, Tillie Massengale in ready position. 

Written by: Julia Dean

Pictures by: Gary Fain