T-Shirt Auction


Photo: Jessica Arp

This week at Soddy Daisy High School, the high school will be having a T-shirt auction available for everyone. The T-shirt auction is a time where students or teachers will be able to bid on different pieces of clothing. The Student Council President Kaylee says,  “The T-shirt auction is a great way for students to support the Student Council”. The list includes T-shirts, Hats, Stickers, and more. The auction will be accessible through instagram on the student council account.

The auction helps raise money for the members of the student council. The head of student council, Mr. Sneed, says that, “ The auction allows the student council to connect with businesses and have a larger impact in the community.” Most of the T-shirts have been donated by local businesses to support our student council.  

Every item has its own starting price, and will change after the bids have been started. Teachers are welcome to bid on items as well.The T-shirt auction will only take cash and check. The event will start September 6th, and go through till September 10th. Students will be able to pick up their items after all bidding on items have ended. Every item will be handled with care, and given to the assigned student.

Writing by: Nathan Sneed

Instagram Account: @sdstudentlife

Photos by: Gary Fain Written by: Julia Dean