Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Hopkins

Many new staff members have joined us this year, and we are so excited about it! We started out our spotlight column by interviewing Ms. Hopkins, our new gifted teacher. Keep reading to get to know her!

Photo by: Audrey Esposito

Written by: Clayton Williams & Kaylee Potter

Interviewers: Audrey Esposito, Clara Massingale , Riley Willis

Q: What made you decide to become a teacher?

A: “I was 8 years old when I decided I wanted to be a teacher.”

“I love learning! I want everybody else to be really excited about learning, and I also enjoyed being on the same schedule as my daughters when they were in school.”

Q: What do you do at Soddy Daisy High School?

A: “I work with the intellectually gifted students … almost 50.”

“I try to offer them support in their academics and things they’re looking for in their college and career path. And I want, if I can, to help them find opportunities that they’re interested in that they can’t already do.”

Q: How are you adjusting to Soddy Daisy as a new teacher?

A: “It’s amazing … the nice thing is that I already knew about half my kids. That makes it really nice to know a lot of faces.” 

“The staff … I have never been at a school where they were so bend over backwards kind and welcoming. I love it here!” 

Q: What are your favorite hobbies and out of school activities?

A: “I love to read and love to travel. I’m trying to get to all 50 states and only have three to go!” 

“I’m sure I echo my predecessor, Ms. Ward who was amazing, because we both have a love for Tennessee football!”

Q: What life lessons do you hope to teach your students?

A: “It’s okay to fail! The whole point is to get out there and try. You learn more from failing than you do success; it does not have to be perfect.”

Thank you to Ms. Hopkins for sitting down with us for this great interview! Visit her in room 242, across from the trophy cases in the New Gym!