Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Meadows

Photo by Clayton Williams 

Mr. Meadows is the Criminal Justice teacher here at SDHS! Mr. Meadows is a former Police officer turned teacher who enjoys teaching students about how Criminal Justice touches many aspects of life.

Q: How are you adjusting to SDHS?

A: “Oh I’m adjusting fine! Most of the time teenagers are the same at most schools you go to.”

Q: What is criminal Justice?

A: “Basically criminal justice is the different things the law does…It could be as far as crime. It could be just the opposite of what you believe… It could be anything to do with crime.”

Q: What interested you in teaching Criminal Justice?

A: “I was actually a police officer for 15 years prior to teaching. It’s kind of sometimes totally the same but also totally different… When you’re teaching you’re trying to inform people on how not to go to jail, and you know how crime pays. When you’re a police officer you’re putting people in jail.”

Q: What jobs are offered in the Criminal Justice field?

A: “There’s so many jobs offered! I’ve got several former students that are police officers…FBI agents…DEA agents…child protective services…forensics. There’s not a profession that criminal justice doesn’t touch.”

Q: What do you want your students to take away from this class?

A: “You can take whatever career that you want and cater it to a criminal justice job within that field. I just want them to explore and figure out what they want to do…If you get a job and you hate going there everyday it makes it worse. But, if you find something you’re interested in, and you can cater that, then it makes everything better and a lot easier.” 

Thank you so much for the interview Mr. Meadows! You can find him in room 219 on the second floor of the Commons.

Written by Kaylee Potter and Clayton Williams