Club Rush at Soddy Daisy High

This week, Soddy Daisy Highschool will be having Club Rush Week. Club Rush Week will give students the opportunity to sign up for clubs and groups that are part of Soddy Daisy Highschool. Mr. Sneed said,  “Students have the opportunity to take part in their school.” There are many groups consisting of sports, community service, after school clubs and so much more.

 This event will take place in the science wing during lunchtime. Students will be given the option to go to the science wing of the school to look and sign up for the clubs. Members of the clubs will be standing next to their table helping students and answering questions about the club. The event will be during school hours and will allow students to not miss class while looking at clubs. 

Club Rush week is for every grade level. The event will be taking place Wednesday through Friday, 08/25 through 08/27. All clubs will have different requirements to be able to join the specific club. Students should take this time to see what they might be interested in and to sign up for anything that they would like to join. 

Writing by: Nathan Sneed

List of Clubs:

  • SGA – Sneed
  • Beta Club – Kline 
  • Chess – Ballard
  • Interact – Stone/Martin
  • Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy – Skyles
  • Environmental – Wehunt
  • Raiders/Drill/Rifle – Col. Glass
  • FCA – Peigen  
  • Key Club – Fuller
  • BCTA – Bowser
  • Lacrosse – Bowser
  • Archery – Bowser 
  • SAP – Joiner
  • Cross Country – Selbo