Behind the scenes with Dean Kirstein


          By: Sarah Joyce Eveland, 9/1/2021

When it comes to school funds, it always seems to be an issue. Well, for Soddy-Daisy High School, we have a good samaritan on our side.

Dean Kirstein is a recurring sponsor of our school and an all-around helpful person. He is on record with helping with funding, after-school activities, events, and more. 

“He has been a large supporter of Soddy High School in all its endeavors.” Says Miss Mitchel, a teacher who has worked with Dean.

   Picture of Dean Kristien from Chick-Fil-A website

 Dean is part of the Restaurants Industry. He most notably is doing business as Chick-Fil-A. He is also known for being kind, not just to students and faculty, but to his employees as well.

He was described by Mrs. Williams as someone who “teaches workers character and helps with the community”.               

All around, Dean Kristen is not just an asset to the school but an exceptional boss and friend.