Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Light

Joshua Light is the director of the marching, concert, and jazz band. He is also the general music teacher at SDHS. He has been the band director for 20 years, and this is his 8th year at SDHS.

Q: What is special about the SDHS Band?

A: “They are a very dedicated group of students that work really hard to be the best they can be…we’re proud of their progress and what they keep doing to make it better each and every time.”

Q: What award are you the most proud of?

A: “In 2017 the band won the Best Visual Performance award at the U.S. Southern States Championships and won the Cadet Hat which is from the Cadets’ from the Cadet’s Drum and Bugle Corp…which was the drum and bugle corp that I marched in.”

Q: How do you push your students to be better performers and musicians?

A: “I don’t have to push them. They push themselves…They know that if they stay the same, or if they are not getting better each and every day that someone else is…they naturally push themselves.”

Q: How can we support the band and where can we see them perform?

A: “At every single home game and all the away games, we take a pep band most of the time, so that’s where you can see us! We also do contests on Saturdays, which we have one on September 25th. We will be hosting our own marching contest here on October the 23rd, and we will be doing one at Rhea County on October the 30th.”

Thank you to Mr. Light for the great interview! Come out and support the SDHS band on Friday nights and at Saturday competitions!

Written by: Clayton Williams & Kaylee Potter