Spotlight: Coaches Raborn and Cardwell

Picture by: Audrey Esposito

Written by: Clayton Williams & Kaylee Potter

Both Coach Raborn and Coach Cardwell taught World History State Dual-Credit during the 2020-2021 school year, and the scores of their students’ end-of-the-year tests were truly amazing! 

Q: What is the World History State Dual-Credit Test?

A: “Dual credit means that by passing the college level exam at the end of the year that you not only get your highschool credit but a college credit as well for a school in the state of TN.” 

  • Raborn

Q: How many students passed the test compared to other schools?

A: “We did great last year! We had 13 students pass … 75 or higher score which was way over the state average. 1.1% of the students passed. Which is really great considering the year before we didn’t have anybody because we had COVID and all sorts of challenges … BUT we did it last year with all the challenges … so we thought it was a really great success this year! So 13 students out of about 100 passed, which is a great percentage.”

  • Cardwell

Q: How did you prepare your students for the test?

A:“Well we had to really work on areas that we felt like were lacking in the last year. The year before we felt like we didn’t have enough students do well enough on the multiple choice section. It’s two sections, 50 multiple choice questions and then there’s two essay questions worth 50 points… We worked really hard on ramping up the level of our multiple choice questions. We used a lot of AP exams … and then we did a lot more practice writing … in smaller doses … so that’s how we approached it this year.”

  • Cardwell

Both Raborn and Cardwell added that they were proud of how serious their students were about the subject and how confident they became in their abilities. Thank you so much Coaches Raborn and Cardwell for the interview, and you can catch them both on the field as they coach our SDHS football team!