Maryland’s Tax on Digital Ads Bill

Piggy bank with flag coating over it isolated on white – State of Maryland

 “On Friday, the State Senate voted to override the governor’s veto of the measure following a similar vote from the House of Delegates, The New York Times reports. The measure is expected to generate as much as $250 million in its first year.” With this there is sure to be legal risk and challenges in court. 

“The bill could run against of both the First Amendment and federal regulations preventing discriminatory taxes on internet companies” The Washington Post reported in January. The Maryland tax is specifically for digital ads in the state. “Companies that make at least $100 million to $1 billion a year will be taxed at a 2.5% rate. Companies that make more than $15 billion — which includes Facebook and Google — will face a 10% tax on digital ad revenue.” People are obviously upset and don’t want the bill to go through.

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