February’s Full Moon or ‘Snow Moon’ will Peak Saturday Morning.

NASA/Bill Dunford

This month will have a full moon this Saturday, February 27th 2021, at around 3:15 am EST. The ‘Snow Moon’ will be visible Friday night as well. The moon will appear full until Sunday morning.

The full moon in February is called a ‘Snow Moon’. The full moon gets its name due to the snowfall that occurs around the month of February. The ‘Snow Moon’ is after the ‘Wolf Moon’ in January, and is followed by the ‘Worm Moon’ in March.

February is a stange month for full moons. Full moon occurs every 29.5 days which means some months can have two full moons, or a Blue moon. This means February has a chance to have a black moon, where there is no full moon in the month. The event happens every 19 years, but due to time zones it doesn’t occur all over the world in the same year. 

There is a black moon set to occur in the western United States in 2022, but it will not occur in Europe or Australia. There are many different definitions of a black moon, sometimes it refers to the absence of a full moon in a calendar month while other times it refers to multiple new moons in a month.

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