Weather Effects on Texas

Photo from Thomas Black

Texas getting a few inches of snow ended up being extremely devastating. Pipes and homes freezing making it very difficult for people to get water and heat. Food in some places having to be rationed because they have no snowmobiles to clear the ice and snow. Texans were advised to boil tap water so that they will have drinking water for the snow storm. “At least 37 people have died because of weather-related fatalities since Thursday, the majority in Texas.”

There is power in sight for most Texans. “Power was down for fewer than 500,000 Texas customers as of Thursday — way down from the over 3 million outages a day earlier, according to The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which operates the state’s power grid, said in a statement Thursday morning it had made “significant progress” restoring power overnight.” Hopefully everyone in Texas will soon have power and no longer be left in the cold. 

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