Koala Rescued After Causing a Car Pile Up

This photo released by Nadia Tugwell, shows a koala inside Tugwell’s car in Adelaide, Australia on Monday, Feb. 8, 2021.

A koala caused a 5 car pile up on a six-lane freeway. The koala was fine and though people had some injuries, no ambulance was required.

A man whose car was hit from behind at around 7 a.m. was the first to get out of his car to try and save the creature. Nadia Tugwell later got a blanket and caught the koala and put it in her truck.

Nadia Tugwell rescued the animal and turned it over to wildlife rescuers. “Tugwell said she had learned from past experience how to calm koalas by covering their eyes. She lives near a eucalyptus forest outside Adelaide and has twice called animal handlers to rescue koalas injured in fights with other koalas.” 

While the koala had a fun ride it was released back into the forest far away from any freeways.

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