Comcast’s New Data Cap

At the start of 2021, Comcast has officially reinstated and raised their 1 terabyte data cap that they waived during the Covid 19 pandemic. Comcast claims this a business decision and says that only 5% of their users use over their new data cap of 1.2 TB. 

The nation is going through a second wave of the pandemic causing more people to work from home and use more data as a result. A lot of companies and schools are using zoom as a way to continue working as normal. “‘On average a Zoom call which is HD quality, would be consuming about 2.5 gigabytes per hour,’ Samuel said. ‘That would give you about 400 hours of doing Zoom calls in the entire month.’”(Cherry). While 400 hours may seem like a lot, if four people are using zoom for about 7 hours a day, then that data cap is reached in about 14 days. Only three people zooming for that amount of time will reach the data cap in 19 days.

 This is just including zoom. “‘We’re streaming video for work, we’re streaming video for school, and we’re streaming video for entertainment,’ emails Avi Greengart, president and lead analyst at research firm Techsponential. ‘If you have multiple people in your household, these activities get multiplied.’” (PEGORARO). 

While Comcast claims that on average during 2020 only 5% went over 1.2 TB, a lot more people are now fully virtual for work and school. The data cap should not be a problem for most individuals, but households with multiple people might see a higher bill as a result of Comcast’s new data cap.

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